Just Me and the Vagabond Life


(c) O. Shanck

I’ve managed to luck into a lot of things in my life – good grades in school, a career in moving image archiving, and great relationships with my mom and close friends. I’ve grown to enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life including reading great literature, traveling the world, eating great food, photographing the things that I find beautiful and getting crafty by discovering and taking classes on everything from stained glass to jewelry making.

My name is Winter and I’m a work in progress.

My intention with this site is to showcase all the savory, sweets and neat visuals that life has allowed me to experience, whether by happenstance or planning. The text will be limited, which I hope will allow the visuals to tell the stories and tales about the places I have had the pleasure of visiting. Finally, there will be tons and tons of photographs because life would be boring without photographic evidence of this savory, sweet and neat adventure.



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